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You can start today and use this dossier in your practise. If you like you can combine this dossier with one or more of the other available dossiers. You will find the latest information of all available indications at the Curavista website as well as references, etc.

If you fill in the application form, the helpdesk will check your registration, create an account for you, instruct you by telephone, teamview or Skype. Just what you like. Applicationform >>

Your own design

Perhaps your local process needs a different content. If so, we can easily adjust COPDdiary to your local needs. Curavista has an extensive track record to design affordable and easy to use eHealth programms for hospitals, GPpractises, patient care organisations. Please have a look at the Curavista website for more details:

Do you have a question? Mail or call Curavista bv:
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