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Are my data protected / safe ?

This website uses the software platform Curavista eHealth. Curavista eHealth is hosted in a physical, electronical and digitally safe environment, compliant with EU standards on the hosting and security of medical data. Curavista is a Dutch company. You can access your data via a personal username and password. Keep these for yourself: do not give others the key to your data.

Why should I pay?

"Free" does not exist. The update and manage the software is costy. In some cases hospitals of GP-practises pay these costs for you. In that case you will receive a login code from your health care professional. If you pay your licencefee, we can guarantee that your data remain your data instead of selling them to commercial companies.

I want to stop

You can end your participation at any moment. Just sent an email to the helpdesk with your name and date of birth. 

Are my data used for analyses?

eHealth offers people a completely new way to manage themselves (with or without their Health Care Professional as a coach). eHealth can be a great way to keep healthcare affordable and accessable for all of us. Therefore is is very important that scientific research is being performed on these data. An independent NPO (not for profit organisation) "Infometer" is entrusted to guard the data and the analysis of all data (100.000+ participants). If data are analysed, this will always be published in the public domain, so everyone can profit of the knowledge acquired. Analyses will always be aggrevated and anonimized. If you object to scientific analyses, you can still participate. Just sent an email to the helpdesk. When analysing the data your records will not be included.

Official licence

If you are not an officially registered health care professional, you cannot get an health care professional account.