Get a grip...

Get a grip on your COPD:

  • Determine your personal goal. 
    What is important for you: a solid night sleep, less exacerbations, walking the dog or keep up your physical condition? If you set your own goal, it is easier to monitor your own progress and see whether or not you reach your goal.

  • Create your own action plan.
    Most of the time you won't be at the doctor's office, but you still have to manage your disease. COPDdiary offers your own action plan. Just describe when you think in which situation you are in the green, orange or red zone. Try to determine what actions you should take in each situation.

    green zoneCOPD diary orange zoneCOPD diary red zone

    After you have completed your own action plan, the programme will ask you how your feel today. As feedback you see your own personal actions. It  makes sense to talk to your doctor about your action plan. Together you can figure out if you
    recognize your own symptoms and whether or not you take the correct actions. You can either print the action plan or give access to your health care provider online. 
  • Monitor yourself with two validated questionnaires.
    The programme generates an automated scoring of the two internationally accepted and validated questionnaires in the management of COPD. This programme uses the 10-items CCQ (Clinical COPD Questionnaire) and the MRC-dyspneu (breathlessness) scoring.

  • Medical therapy
    COPD cannot be cured, but medication can improve your symptoms. It is not always easy to use the right medication at the right moment. Therefor, you can fill in how much medication you have used in the last 24 hours. The amount of medication intake is compared with how you feel (zones of your action plan) and the scoring on the CCQ. Together this will give a rather complete picture that you can discuss with your health care provider.
COPDdiary your progress at a glance:

Your scoring in several graphics. Below you see two of the 6 graphics that the programme provides.





Grant your Health Care Provider access & interact!
You can authorize your own HCP(s) to monitor you online. If your HCP agrees, you can use the option eConsult to ask questions to your HCP. The helpdesk will inform your HCP and after his/her consent, the HCP will be authorized to have access to your diary.