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Curavista eHealth platform

Curavista eHealth is the enigine behind MyHealthMonitor. Curavista eHealth offers:

 one platform, proven solution

 100.000+ users

 70+ modules live  

 50+ patient reported outcome questionnaires

 compliant with EU regulations on medical data


Curavista eHealth focuses on promoting the interaction between patient and Health Care Provider (GP, specialist, nurse, pharmacist etc.).
Patients get an active part and responsibility in their treatment by increasing their knowledge of a condition and the factors that influence it. All programmes are individualised: "how am I doing".

But interaction is impossible without the opportunity for the HCP to make timely adjustments. This is facilitated by giving them access to the patients diaries and questionnaires. The HCP is updated on the patients activities and corresponding effects of the treatment.

Eventually, this interaction should lead to an individually tailored approach of each patient's condition.

Curavista company

Curavista BV (Dutch version of Ltd) was founded in 2000. Curavista eHealth is being developed since 2002 and available in English, French and DutchA team of 15 people (90% technical staff) is working on the application on a daily basis. Project managers are hired on a project basis.


The Curavista eHealth engine is used in many different settings and for different customers. Our custemers include:

 50+ programmes servicing groups of hospitals & GP-practises

 10+ research institutes (registries)

 10+ worldwide pharmaceutical companies (registries & patient support programmes)

More details? Please visit the website of Curavista >>

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